Friday, November 6, 2015

Menu madness!!

Holy moly! I just sat down to do my monthly menu... Ya know bc I've been way overspending on cravings and groceries and I need a little more money and structure in my life. So I'm sitting on the couch half watching Little Einsteins to procrastinate the inevitable and was remembering something I was told years ago about menu making that I never bothered to implement. Ready for it?! It's so simple... And half of you probably already do it and are thinking "This chick is so slow!" Yes, yes I am. Hi, my name is Kylee and I do everything the hard way. Here it is! 

Assign each day of the week a meal type.... I did:

Comfort food Sunday
Mexican Monday
Italian Tuesday
Wild card Wednesday
Brinner Thursday
Fishy Friday
Simple (Salad) Saturday

So, as I'm going through our staple meals and the things I know my picky kids will eat it was easy to pick 3-4 of each type of meal that they like and I didn't have to decide where to put it to space them out because one day a week we will have that kind of meal. EASY PEASY! It took me about 10 minutes instead of days of procrastinating.

In the name of honesty, I will admit that I don't necessarily stick to each day's meal but I shop two weeks at a time so I have all the ingredients and then can switch meals if I need to. Shopping for every hug in advance keeps me from craving shopping and allows me to save more money because I know what I will be making and can stock up on those items as well when they are on sale. Anyhow, I just thought I would share this tip for those who didn't know about it! 

Thanks for tuning in :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

No Judgement

My oldest stayed home from school one day last week. She wasn't feel well, as she has been adjusting to a new dose of her ADHD medication. She couldn't stay awake, and I wasn't going to force her to struggle through the day at school. So we had a girls day with her, me and my youngest, Addie{2.5yo}. We snuggled on the couch, did some chores and watched TV.  Later, We ran a few errands and went to Sam's Club. While there we stopped to grab lunch on the way out and a sweet elderly lady asked me if I needed any help {probably because Adeline was climbing in and out of the buggy}. There was no judgement, she gave me no strange looks, no lame comments about how "I have my hands full," just a kind offer to help. These moments are rare and it touched me so much that I went back up to her to thank her. This one small act changed my entire attitude for the day and turned a day that was quickly going downhill into one of gratitude that reminded me of the tender mercies that Heavenly Father gives to me.

We all need to be a little more like this. Instead of judging each other, jump in and offer up service and show some love to each other. We are all humans. Members of the same species. I could go on a non judgement tangent, but I won't. Let's just all love one another. It's okay to disagree peacefully! It's okay to not agree with someones behavior, but we shouldn't judge them because you never know all the circumstances. For instance, this woman has no idea the horrendous week I'd been having and that I was literally depressed to tears and feeling hopeless, specifically with how to teach my children and help them understand the potential consequences of their dangerous behavior {climbing fences, entering neighbors houses and back yards unaccompanied, etc}.  She had no idea that I was TAPPED OUT and am at the end of a semester of single parenthood. She just kindly asked if I'd like some help. So simple, so kind and I was SO grateful to be free of the bewildered, shocked or judgmental looks I often get when I have to take my kids out {which I try not to do}.